About Bobsleigh

The sport of bobsleigh has several disciplines, including the two-man race, women's bobsleigh (which consists of a team of two), and the ever-exciting four-man race. All disciplines begin from a standing start, where teams coordinate to push off and accelerate their sleds before hopping in, and allowing the pilot to take control and navigate the high-tech vehicle down an iced track, reaching speeds nearing 155 kph.

Our Bobsleigh Program

If you are interested in sliding as a bobsleigh athlete with BCBSA, you will need to take the steps as listed in the Athlete Pathway.

BCBSA offers the follow on ice programs under each stage.

Stage 1- Discover Bobsleigh

Stage 2- Multi Day Bobsleigh Pilot School

Stage 3- Provincial Bobsleigh Training

Stage 1- Discover Bobsleigh

Drop in for a 2.5 hour introductory Bobsleigh Pilot School at the Whistler Sliding Centre. No previous sliding experience required!

In this school you will be taught the core skills & techniques needed to steer your own 2man training sled down the ice track for the very first time. 

After a 30 minute safety orientation, participants will join the coach on a track walk to discuss sliding techniques, before being paired up with a team mate and set up in a sled for the on ice portion of the school.

The one piece “Plank” sleds provided allow beginners to get the feel for steering at speed, whilst keeping low on the walls, to provide a safer learning environment.Participants will then begin their on ice experience, starting from the Lower Ladies start (Corner 7 out of 16) and reaching speeds of up to 115km/hr.  Once at the finish line, participant will travel with their sleds back to the start.Each participant will slide in both the pilot & brakeman position, within their team. After the session the coach will debrief each athlete, and discuss the next steps for anyone with the interest to continue sliding.

Dates Available


What’s included?

Included in the cost of 1 x session is a full BCBSA membership, coaching, and all necessary equipment for the school (helmet & sled).  A discount of $100 off a 2 day Bobsleigh School is also included.

Who is this for?

This session is open to anyone with a passion or an interest to try bobsleigh for the first time, with no commitment to continue. If you have completed a Talent Id and recieved an invte to a multiday school, you are not required to participate in the discover program.

  We ask that all participants are physically fit, and able to lift 65lbs. It is not recommended for anyone with a previous neck or back injury.

If you are unsure this session is appropriate for you, please feel free to email us with further questions at

Cost: $150 ($100 local*).  Our local rate refers to full time residents of the sea to sky corridor and Metro & Greater Vancouver areas. We require proof of address upon arrival as confirmation of eligibility.

Registration:  Advanced registration for the program is required. To sign up & pay click here (you will be taken to our partners website,

Once payment has been processed, you will receive a receipt of purchase followed by some registration documents to complete.


Stage 2- Multi Day Bobsleigh Pilot School

TBD Stay Tuned

Stage 3- Provincial Bobsleigh Training