BC Cup Races #3 and #4 - Bobsleigh and Skeleton

Are you ready? BC Cup # 3 & 4 is just around the corner!!!
Races will take place next weekend so hand in your race registrations by Thursday, February 5th at midnight. (Registration forms will be available at Guest Services & Finish Dock)
OT*                        Friday, February 6 @7:30pm
BC Cup # 3           Saturday, February 7 @ 11:30am
BC Cup # 4           Sunday, February 8 @ 11:30am

*Athletes may count their runs from the Feb. 4th & 5th BCBSA sessions towards their required OT runs however regular run fees for those two nights will still apply. (Please chat with your coach for more details.)
Start Heights open:
·         Skel/Bob start
·         Lower Men’s/Corner 3
·         Lower Ladies/Corner 7 (Skeleton ONLY)

We will also be having a “social gathering” (or Après Sliding) after the awards on Sunday at the Brewhouse if anyone is interested in joining in. Hope to see you all there to celebrate the victories!